After eleven years, it's time for us to look back - a lot has happened since 2012! But we'll be brief and get straight to the point:

We have evolved, our team has grown. Whether Hong Kong, Honolulu or Taiwan, we now bring our coffees internationally to coffee-loving people. So it was time for a little "facelift" of our brand, just in time for the World Of Coffee in Athens. We introduce ourselves:

We are Kaffeelix.

Why Kaffeelix? Well... coffee. We love our coffee, so we put it right at the front of our name. Felix, as the most important success factor and World Coffee Roasting Champion, must of course also be included. And those who know him know that these two terms are inseparable.

Our beloved monkey has also been given a new look. It never hurts to take a look off the beaten track: Let's keep an open mind, stay curious and see what's to come.

Here you can download our new logo:

Logo Kaffeelix

Logo Kaffeelix negative

Logo Kaffeelix Monkey

Logo Kaffeelix Monkey negative